J. van den Hoek
Judith van den Hoek is a talented fashion illustrator currently based in Gouda, Netherlands. Judith has been illustrating as far as she can remember and when she was younger she liked to draw all kinds of different subjects. When Judith got older she discovered more and more how much she like to illustrate fashion. Today she dedicates all her time to draw fashion illustrations for commercial clients and private collectors. Judith's works can today be seen all over the world in publications, magazines and advertisement.
Judith van den Hoek’s fashion illustrations are minimalistic and simple. Her illustrations have a clear sense of minimalistic approach demanding the absolute satisfaction out of just one single line or two for the silhouette. Judith's illustrations captures a different perspective of fashion collections that is very creative, sensual and beautiful to observe. She like to work with black and to sketch, which is what she does best, and with this she gets to add her own personal touch to her illustrations. Judith loves to invent and experience new ideas with her drawings. Her biggest sources for inspiration are magazines, fashion bloggers and books.
Clients: Vogue, Net-a-Porter, Burberry, Schwarzkopf, etc.